Three Courses in ONE Package - PLC, SCADA and HMP Panels (All SIEMENS)

S7-300/1200 and 200 PLCs Training Kits

Get Trained on Simatic STEP7 professional and TIA portal

Simatic SCADA WinCC Explorer and Flexible

Siemens SCADA "WinCC" is the world's top SCADA Software.

Simatic, Wientek and Wecon HMI Panel

Programming and full configurations

Programmable Logic Controllers

PLC Training includes:

PLCs, SCADA, HMI TRAINING LAB under construction in Islamabad G13/1. SIEMENS ALL SERIES PLCS, HMI, STEPPER MOTOR, ENCODER, TEMP PT100, PRESSURE SENSORS, PROXIMITY, DC MOTORS, 3PH MOTOR, VFD, TEMP CONTROLLER ETC Very Attractive Package: Three Courses in Just 10,000/- Less then 3500 per course. First Day free demo session. Duration: 80 contact Hrs in One Month

S7-300/400 PLCs

Siemens S7-300/400 is the High specs PLC series by Siemens Used all around the world. We have Siemens S7-313 PLC with analog module S7-335. Temperature sensor PT100 with Transmitter is attached with it and Stepper motor with Encoder and VFD with 3ph motor is included in it

S7-1200/1500 PLCs

S7-1214 PLC Training Kit with TIA portal 14 is included in this course. This new PLCs with either net port as communication port. It has two analog built in IOs.

S7-200 PLCs and Modules

This Training Kit includes CPU S7-226 with analog module S7-235, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor and DC motors and stepper motor with encoder is attached with it.

S7-LOGO PLCs and Modules

This is the LOGO PLC Training Kit. It has PT100 and Analog modules attached with it. This is the low specs but popular Siemens PLCs with built in Screen for programming Directly.

HMI Panels

We have Four HMI touch Panels attached with all PLC's training KITs and programmed for different PLC tasks like paking machine, Automatic security Gate, Mixing Plants etc.

SCADA Applications

SCADA Project1

SCADA Project1

SCADA Project2

SCADA Project2

SCADA Project3

SCADA Project3

SCADA Project4

SCADA Project4

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